So you’re going to be a guest on my podcast! Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Goals: to offer skills for creating resource states and a resourceful world. To elicit awesomeness from your unique life experience. To promote whatever you and I want to promote. 

Software: I’m recording this on Soundtrap by Spotify, and I’ll send you a link the day of the recording which you can join at the appointed time. If you do not have an appointed time, appoint a time here 

Equipment: Please use an external mic. A levalier, or wired Apple headphones work. (No bluetooth devices, please!) If you have a USB microphone, that is even better. If you don’t have any equipment, let’s chat about other options. Pick a time and place where you can minimize extra sounds and distractions, but no need to go so far as unplugging your refrigerator, getting rid of your dog, or moving out of the city. 

Format: this is an audio-only podcast that is available from most podcast aggregators. The final product is about 35 minutes long. 

I begin the recording session with resource state elicitation, which is a fancy way of saying, think about something that makes you feel good. It could be a place, or a moment in time, or it could be something that you made up entirely. What about it feels good? Down to the tiniest details. This part of the recording may not make it into the main podcast, but I will save it as bonus material. 

Then, we get into whatever it is that we are going to talk about. Most likely this will be some version of how your life experiences informed your work or your message. 

I’ll ask you if you have any final thoughts you want to share. 

Finally, I will solo record an intro with your bio info and thoughts on the session we recorded. 

Episodes are recorded in advance and may take up to a month to be published. They will go up on this site in addition to being syndicated, and you will be notified when your episode airs. Please submit your bio info and show notes including any additional material you want to reference, and links, to marian @ 

Please share your episode to your social media channels when it airs! 


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